Welcome to my website!

If your life path is anything like mine, you may look at the world around you and wonder, what is mine to do?  How can I make a positive difference in times such as these? You may also be wondering what your next steps are.  I have a few questions for you...

Are you ready to live an empowered, radiant life and share your creative inspiration with the world?

Would you like to be more resilient, resourceful and positive in your approach to life? Are you ready to live a more abundant life, knowing fully who you are and what is yours to do on the planet?

If you are ready to take the next steps, I am here to support you on the journey of a lifetime! 

In order to be equipped for the magical journey of life that is before us, we must learn to access and live from our true (and empowered) self-identity. This "True" Self may seem hidden or obscured, but it is actually deep within our very own hearts, grounded in our very being. It is a profound and powerful Presence, beyond thought and form, yet accessible.

The work that I do with others is an invitation into living from this powerful, spiritual Presence and using it as a source for vitality, intuition, joy, creativity and peace of mind. Can you imagine how your relationships, health, work and leisure time would be impacted as you learn to more fully tap into this wellspring of Spiritual Power? I am honored to support you in unleashing your passion on the world and support you in living an empowered, creative, inspired life!

It is my purpose and passion to empower you to live from a deeper sense of creative inspiration in every aspect of your life. My work also focuses on self love, deeper connection with others, spiritual healing, expressing creativity, expanding mindfulness and growing a healthier relationship with food. I am a Unity Minister, Radiant Living Coach, Wisdom Teacher and Artist of Life. I offer spiritual counseling and mentoring services online and in the Unity Village/Greater Kansas City area. I also offer a beautiful healing energy called Radiant Light Energy. Contact me today to find out more about the work that I do.

I would love to stay in touch with you! Feel free to explore the offerings on my site and see how my art, meditations, one on one sessions and other sacred services and creative/spiritual events may support you.

Blessings of light and joy for your journey...

~Rev. Diana Kennedy

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