Rev. Diana Kennedy is a "Heart Centered Wisdom Teacher".  She shares ancient wisdom through a modern, lively message. Her mission is to foster creative inspiration and radiant living. Diana recognizes the true hero's/heroine's journey that each one of us is on and she is honored to support your spiritual unfoldment. In her work with others, she connects deeply, seeing your life with depth and awe. The focus of her work includes:

  • Intuitive Support for Radiant Living
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Creative Visualization
  • Mindset Shifting
  • Discernment Techniques
  • Shadow Work
  • Inspired Leadership and Visioning
  • Heart-based Communication
  • Creating Emotional Freedom and Peace
  • Tapping into Creative Inspiration
  • Health, Vitality and Spiritual Weight Loss
  • Powerful Energy Work  - "Radiant Light Energy"



A powerful speaker, Diana's approachable style inspires her clients to dive in deeply and get the most from her transformative workshops, best described as “playshops”. Diana's work supports both individuals and organizations in expressing a greater degree of creativity, innovation and inspiration. You can connect with Diana by emailing her at

You can hire Diana online for coaching, one-on-one healing sessions, or invite her to your location for speaking engagements, retreats and ministerial services
including weddings, house and pet blessings and other ceremonies.

Diana offers in-person and online programming for women's renewal and self love, plus she is a member of the creative team at Unity Arts Ministry. Diana has been published in the Daily Word Magazine, Kaleidoscope Magazine, Unity Leaders Journal, Positive Tribe Magazine and other spiritual publications.